Thursday, November 13, 2008

The weekend is nearly here !

I tell you life is so busy and full lately. Today at work we had a "career expo" day which was going to sessions (in work time) on different areas of the company and also one on resume writing. So ive got lots of hints for my resume and a template for one and a cover letter. I also went and spoke to some people in mobile retention, and project management...all very interesting. SO today went by really fast. Tonite i went shopping after work....lots of fresh fruit n veges in the house again thankfully.

This week is turning out to be busy. Saturday I am working 9am-5pm. Tomorrow nite i am meeting some of the girls at the wheaty for a couple of glasses of champers but that will be a early night. Saturday night will be a BIG nite...its opening night for feast and after the parade i am going to the after party. So am meeting up with felicity and i plan to complete run a muck. Sunday I am putting aside purely for recovering LOL

Oh and i got a shift swap for the speed dating ! So yes next friday i willbe doing that and on the saturday my sister is down so will be catching up with her.

The ankle is still hurting me...not so much to walk on im walking normally but a constant muscle achee and the annoying thing of course i cant use antiflammatories on it ive just started using deep heat so hopefully that will help. Okies im off...have a good weekend all...i sure am gonna ;)

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