Monday, November 10, 2008

Speed dating, boxing & some other stuff.

Well I think I have a lot to say lets see how this

Went to the gym today and did a Pt session my ankle is a lil sore tonight but not too bad but of course that was doing weights so controlled exercise...will rest still for a few more days and then really get back into everything. While doing my session my PT trainers says "eve tells me u wanna do boxing or is it eve wanting you to do boxing?" i said,,,,,yeh its more eve....right now with my big electricity bill ($480) plus christmas and my melbourne trip around the corner i cant really afford to do a extra PT session per week till she said i have a couple of spare PT sessions so for at the least next 2 weeks im gonna do a second PT session which will be boxing to give me a try at it and see if I wanna do it in the new year. But as I said to her more then anything i just need to start doing classes (body punp and body balance they also have a new flexibility class id like to do too) so as off next week i am really getting stuck into it by then my foot should be fine too.

Felicity sent me a message on face book saying we MUST do speed dating lol...i was like what??????????? are u crazy????????????? but anyway they are having a lesbian speed dating as part of feast on nov starts at 7pm and i am suppose to be working till 8pm but if i can get a shift swap gawd forbid we are gonna go and do it LOL. This weekend is turning out to be quite busy too...friday nite i believe i am going to the wheaty to hang with some friends in the beer garden (will be a early nite as i have to work at 9am) and then saturday night is opening night for feast ! omg that should be so much fun...ive never been before but am meeting up with felicity after work then we will going to the after party as well where my boi ryan is going to be at as well ! Cant believe he has been gone 5 bloomin weeks already will be good to catch up with him.

I went to target today..bought two new is shapelle corbys book and the other is about a kid who organises to kill his dad and ends up on death row and is about how his dad forgives him...i also bought the extended version of sex in the city so tomorrow nite will sit down and watch that (ive been watching series one and two over the last few nights) The other aim of tonight/tomorrow is to finish reading fattitude.

My other thing on my brain is my social life vs my weight loss journey. MY dieticians talk about not letting my social life interfere with my goals is still ringing in my ears. So i need to be careful about this...i think friday night i wont drink...saturday night ill have a couple just to loosen up but thats it. Ill prolly be dancing and walking around all night so prolly will balance each other out.

Okies off to watch another episode of sex in the city before heading to ni all =]

3 comments: said...

Cool! Let me know how they did speed dating... I'm trying to organize one. :D

nessonamission said...

Kazz, I love reading your posts and you never give up! I love the fact you have such determination and will to succeed!
Keep on trucking - Ness

PS - I luuurrrvvvvv SATC

Tania said...

Good luck with the speed dating - i've heard it's an interesting way of meeting new people.

Glad to hear that your ankle is starting to get better - you'll be back to your normal routine in no time!

As to SATC, I bought every season and watched every episode not so long ago, now i'm onto Melrose Place - how I love some of those 90's shows ... lol