Sunday, November 09, 2008

Well its sunday today,,,my friday...come 8pm tonight I am off work for 2 days...YAY. My ankle is healing nicely and I have a delightly bruise on my knee. But I am at last walking without limping...I am going back to the gym tomorrow for a PT session and will see how it copes with that. I am missing the gym I have said in the past...walking into the gym does something to my motivation levels...the fact I havent been there in over a week and that its that TOM has left me for a day or so feeling very blah. I know tho give it another day or so and once I have been back to the gym I will be feeling focused again. Not that I have pigged out or anything I have still been eating very well. I do cheat tho...sometimes I eat something I shouldnt and sometimes I dont eat everything that I should ! And its something I really need to focus on. My "miscellaneous"snack after dinner which should be a handful of nuts I havent been having lately..and not all my fruit either so I really have to pick up on that. Okies back to work not a lot else to say ;)

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