Sunday, November 16, 2008

Another weekend over

Well one day off sucks..which is what i have this weekend...only today off...back into it all tomorrow...sigh.

Went out friday and saturday night. Friday was great fun...there was about 20 this cosy lil pub...sitting around with a glass of champagne and chatting ;) This bunch of girls are really nice...i had quite a indepth chat to one of the girls (gf of a friend) about the whole butch/femme dynamic in the lesbian community which I found really interesting. There was also another girl there who I must say was cute...she seemed kinda shy...but cute all the same. Which its had me thinking today that I have never really persued someone...i had two fellas when i was persued me the other i just had a major crush on n i am surprised we ever went out lol. Ive only been with two girls...ang and mel (guess i should break the news this girls name is ang TOO) i knew my old ang for so long that by the time...i knew i was interested i already knew she thought highly off while i did persue her...i prolly knew i wasnt going to be rejected...and mel chased me so I have never really put myself out there. I said to one friend last ummmm is ang single? And she was like yes whose asking to which i whistled and said...ummm no one LOL Saturday night i went to the feast opening...but i didnt enjoy it that much...there was no seating (my feet were killing me), one bar only and took 20 minutes to get a drink, was too noisy couldnt talk to people you were with...just not my cup of tea and so not surprisingly i was home by 9.30pm ! LOL

SInce i hurt my ankle my weight loss has taken a back seat. I weighed myself this morning and i am 100 grams its time to stop talking about it and start getting back into it...i dont even have my next dietician session enuff is enuff. Tomorrow i have a 8am PT session and i also have one on thursday (doing a boxing session) i will also go on saturday this week ... minimum of 3 times and back following the plan.

Not a lot else to say...have a good sunday all

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