Sunday, October 19, 2008

What a night !

Okies firstly thank you to everyone who asked me late last nite or this morning how the dance put it in one word it was FANTABULOUS !!!

Okies let me go thru the past couple of days...friday at work was horrendous was the worse day ive had there for a long time ... im a lil over the place to be honest but its paying the bills so thats all im concerned about LOL

Saturday morning i woke up....and my first thought was...what if i go to this dance...and feel like a complete wall flower and out of place as per normal...whats this gonna do to my motivation? So anyway up i got...went to the gym....saw the dietician...we had a chat about where i am at and where going forward i need to go. My food is completely under she said i am in the zone...its now time to focus on attending the gym more.

I then left the gym and went home for a few hours before heading to have my hair done. Which they did a fab job with, the dance started at 8pm and 7pm i started getting ready...had a shower then opened a small bottle of champagne LOL then at bloody 7.20 pm felicity texts me and says meet us at this i run around like crazy...get the taxi here a bit earlier and turn up at a house for someone i dont know ! lol (thank gawd id had that champagne to relax lol) anyway felicity came out and met me....we went in and she introduced me to 4 girls who are working on a social group for lesbians in adelaide called S4 and one of them was the hotchick...they are a really great bunch of much fun. We then went to the dance...and this was funny....reminded me of some of the things i like in a relationship. I sat down at the table HC (hot chick) came and sat next to me...asked me if i wanted one of my drinks i was like yes (was in their esky) so she grabbed it out....peeled the outer wrapper and took the lid of and passed it to me...i love that LOL i dunnno if its that i like bein pandered or what but i remember ang use to open all my drinks too and always liked that lil habit lol Anyway i ended up dancing quite a bit with HC but she danced with the others too...i dont think she is interested (and besides my friend felicity is HOOKED on her) but at one point she was like come on lets dance...she grabbed my hand and then held it as we got to the dance floor...when she dances...she doesnt dance lil girls do in a nite club...she like holds ya her hand on my hips my hand on her shoulder etc and when we would pull apart she would grab both hands and we'd be linking i dont know if id say it was romantic or anything i dunno if she links fingers etc with others when she dances....but i LOVED it...its been a long time since ive felt a level of closeness like that with a lesbian but i loved it...i danced my lil ass off. After we had been there for a while felicity comes up to me and says "noddi wants to meet u" (noddi is the chat name of someone from pink sofa) so i follow felicity outside where a bunch of girls from pink sofa were...some i knew ... some i didnt .... and felicity introduced me to noddi (okies gonna call her by her real name...which is robyn)we talked for quite a bit...then i went inside...and sat at their table...robyn came over and sat next to me and we talked some more...then a friend of hers asked for her phone number....then she wrote down her real name and the number on a piece of paper...and slid it over to me and said....heres my number for u .... totally blown away at this i added it to my phone...asked her if she wanted to dance...she then told me she doesnt dance but i got up and danced some the rest of the nite i flitted between the group HC was with and the group robyn was with lol...anyway robyn left by about 11pm as she had to play cricket today. Then omg theyfound a bag of ice and i got told my cleavage was too good and needed ice down it LOL...oh yeh can u tell there was lots of laughing and fun last nite? lol Then by the time the dance finished at midnight....about 8 of us went back to one of the girls place where we just all chatted and listened to some more music. (ummmm and a neighbour threatened to call the cops lol)Later in the evening felicity came over to me and u like robyn? i was like...yeh shes nice....and shes like she likes you....i was like i dunno about that and shes like yeh she does so we will wait and see what happens on that front. What was really interesting is in the past when me and felicity have gone to these dances....we have sat at a table...danced occassionally and stuck by each others sides (prolly leading to some people to wonder if were a couple) but that so didnt happen last nite. We were both off talking to others...we still spent some time together and had a few dances...but i think it was good for both of us...i certainly was a bit of a social butterfly and absolutely loved it !

So am i motivated still with the healthy lifestyle? you betcha ! more then ever, i would never have had the confidence to just relax like that if i hadnt been going to the gym. The next dance is 13th december...i want by that dance to be in a size smaller in my jeans...i will buy a size smaller in the next week or so....and its time to ramp up the exercise and finish reclaiming my life ! Oh and heres a couple of pics...didnt realise my face was still so big,,,,and not great photos...but they aresome photos all the same ! Have a good sunday off to finish recovering from this lil hangover lol....


Shrinking Tardie said...

I didn't write and ask how it went but I was wondering!!! Blame my statistics lecturer.

You, my Princess Kazz, look gorgeous. I wouldn't have recognised you in a million years - check out that smile!

Love Nat

Tania said...

Woohoo sounds like you had a great night! You look so different with darker hair and a fringe!