Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Good morning !

Well good morning all. Got today and tomorrow off yay but followed by working 8 out of 9 days blah. So whats been happening...let me see if I remember everything lol...

Every 8 weeks or so at work we have a one on one...which is a session with our team leader who tells us how were going...what we need to work on etc, as we have a acting team leader at the moment we had it with him. So i had mine to how im going all is fine as per norm but then he asked how im finding things .... so i told him...more then what i will put on here...anyway the gist was im not happy with the work were currently doing (and he understood why and completely agreed with what i was saying) anyway i told him the thought of leaving is he said would u be interested working in another dept? He was like we definitely dont wanna lose u from the i told him yes the dept id be interested in working in...and he told me he knows someone in there and hes gonna make some calls...even if theres no positions he gonna try and arrange a time for me to go in there (its in the city) and see the department and meet some thats a positive. My friend Joe came back to work on monday...him and his partner tony just got back from 3 weeks in thailand and they bought me back a present ! its a lovely pink thai silk so so nice. Was good talking to Joe too...i told him about what i was thinking about work....and he was like ummm kazz....u prolly feel like this cos u dont go out enough...and u havent had a holiday for ages. And he is right. Of course i am off to melbourne in january and im thinking sydney (my fave place!) in april. Okies he also mentioned i need sex too hahahah but thats another story lol.

Since the dance my head has been full of lots. Its been amazing my whole...different thinking process now. Have I heard from any of the girls? yes i have. Robyn who gave meher phone number on saturday nite ive spoken to online each nite since...just casual fun chat. Anyway last nite she said do u wanna come into a MSN chat with me and dayne (her best friend) i was like shortly after going into the chat dayne asks me if i wanna come out dinner next thursday night with all of them? I of course said not interested in jumping into a relationship or anything...but i am interested in becoming friends with robyn and her friends and then wait n see what this is a good step =] i wont mention after telling jaimee about the dance she is now calling me princess skank ! LOL

DId a PT session last nite...i got a bit dizzy again...but me and my trainer think we have figured out why. One of the exercise i am working my pelvic muscles and i am bent at the hips while doing it...and we think i havent been focussing enough on breathing....for some reason i find this hard when glad we know why now and can work on it. We were then doing squats against the wall and i was watching the clock and she said to me ive never had another client who watches the clock lol she said most people dont like to watch the time lol Okies thats enuff ... todays a big house cleaning day.....need to finish watching today then get on with it...enjoy your day all =]

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