Thursday, October 23, 2008

Days off...

Ahhhh days off...gotta love em ! I had yesterday and today off...go back tomorrow and then i work 8 out of 9 days ugh..but i did then put in for a few days off so i should *fingers crossed* have 4 days off. Tomorrow at work we have our O-Fest, which is a celebration. I start work at 7am and only work till 1pm....then we head out to wayville showgrounds...last year when they held it they had a hyponotist....that chick karin who use to appear on rove was food...etc...went to the gym today and told my dietician...she wa like...limit it to 2 alcohol drinks and 2 small serves of snack food...altho obviously going for healthier foods...following that we are going to the goodwood pub for drinks to say farewell to my fave dork .... ryan.

The girl i met for coffee back in may since the dance has become very attentive towards me....last nite she was very full on. I mentioned it to a friend...and how i think some of her comments are innappropriate and i have a feeling she talk to max about it.

I think the gym wants me attending dietician wants me writing down when i exercise as well as my food from now on...when i said buy to my personal trainer on tuesday she was like...when will u be back in....and when i left today and tuesday coralie (the manager) both times was like when u coming in next lol DAMN they keeping a eye on need to get active with all this exercise stuff. I am finally now more confident on the treadmill today i had it up at level 5 ! Which for me is good...10 weeks ago i couldnt even do 3.7 it was just too fast for thats much better...i quite like the treadmill the only thing about it is that i get burning on the soles of my feet...i could prolly last 45 minutes if it wasnt for that.

Okies time to cook i go....enjoy ur weekend all =]

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Anonymous said...

Wow! what a day babe! I am so jealous! I love HUghesy! He is even my ringtone! And Vanessa Amerossi is HOT ain't she? It is so nice to see you happy and confident!