Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Getting prepared for the dance !

Afternoon all. Yay the week is half over its wednesday.

Had a PT session last nite...we started a new program...and killed ... it was really hard. Lots of squats, squats against a wall and holding...squats holding on to a bar,,,u name it...i squatted it ! lol

The dance is saturday nite. I have booked in to get my hair straightened saturday afternoon. Thursday night I am going shopping hopefully I will find a nice top to wear...if not saturday morning before the gym I will check out katies and myers. A girl who is going to the dance has sent me a few messages...shes a friend of felicitys...and she asked felicity if i am going to the dance last weekend. I also got invited out by 2 groups of people before the dance ! One is some of the girls i chat to in pink sofa chat room i ahve met a few of them at previous dances...they have asked me out for dinner...also this friend of felicitys (for arguement sake lets refer to her as hot girl lol) has invited me and felicity to pre drinks at a friend of hers place. So its all quite exciting and I am looking forward to a fun fun fun night!

Okies not much else to say !


Jody said...

Ok!! How did it go??? You wanting to keep us in suspense or what??

kazz said...

i will do a long post tomorrow ! lol but if u read ur msn ull see how it went ! or go into voodoo chicka im in there