Monday, October 06, 2008

OMG is that a social life I see???

well had a few interesting days. I have made plans to go to the golden dance...thats on the meeting up with felicity and we are sitting on the S4 table (lesbian social club here in Adelaide) and then tonite for the first nite in absolute months i logged into the pink sofa chat room...and there was a friend i have caught up with a few times at the golden dance in the past...she wanted to know what i was doing on the 17th (yes the night before the dance)..advised her i was not working and free ( well not FREE in the monetary sense of course !) so she is getting a bunch together to go out on that some new club at HQ (I am so out of the loop i have no idea so just nodded LOL) or the crazy horse (ummm ok thats a strip joint OMFG!!!) but anyways regardless it will be fun...theres about 7 people going...and i know 3 of i shouldnt feel too out of it. Then there is the dance on saturday nite...i have had someone message me who me and felicity spotted at the last dance...not sure why she has messaged me...but her and felicity are friends and she is organising the table we will be sitting at for the sensing a good weekend coming up, and of course next sunday arvo i am off to the volunteer introductory session for feast...where i plan to volunteer during november... okies...well that was a exciting lil update...can we say life is looking up...and in the words of my is good and i feel happy and i DESERVE that....ciao chickas till next time !

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the deviant miss said...

good for you!