Thursday, October 09, 2008

i feel good !

Well the new hairdo seems to be a success. When ryan picked me up tuesday morning he screamed (lol just like a girl) and then i had so many people at work compliment me on it...on both the colour and the fact I now have a fringe....and even today 4 people who commented on tuesday about it have said today it really looks good and so im very very happy. And this of course is making me start to feel really confident. Ive been doing a bit of selftalk...when I talked to my dietician the other day i told her one of my goals and motivations is to eventually be able to meet someone....and she talked to me about it and about how i DESERVE i have been trying to talk to myself in my crazy lil head more about i deserve it...instead of when theyre are offers to go out of thinking no...ill just be the fat girl instead thinking...NO i DESERVE a nite out...and chit i work 40 hours a week i think i do deserve it !

The scales were up about 600 grams today but my clothes feel looser :) My jeans are sitting lower on my hips...and they actually feel comfortable now. So i actually feel really good today. Its been about 9 weeks still going strong. Sure i aint lost heaps in kilos...(around 6 i think) but i know the centimetres are coming off and thats the main thing. Saturday i get measured aiming for a total loss of 5 centimetres. I am also going to be a gel seat pad for the bike and try to start using the bike not great on the treadmill and the only way to get my heart beat up more really is to increase the speed which scares me or increase the gradient (at 6 the other day felt like i was going to fall off it) Saturday morning tho after my dietician session i am planning to do a body balance class which goes for a full hour. Not much else going on this weekend all tho I may venture to the movies...okies off to do some work enjoy ur day all


the deviant miss said...

i wanna see the new do babe!

Tania said...

Yep - you do deserve it - just like you deserved the new hair style! We have to keep reminding ourselves of this.