Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Oh Im slack....

Firstly thank you to everyone who left comments about the job...I had the phone interview today and can we say "she rambles a hell of a lot"? Its close to 8 years since ive had a job interview and I dont feel I handled it very well...supposedly if you got past this stage of the testing then you get a call back from close of business tomorrow nite. I am not expecting a call in all honesty. Am i upset? No not really...i figure if i am meant to work there Ill get it...if im not meant to then i dramas. I have established tho that I hate job interviews lol anyway will know by tomorrow nite whether I move on to the next stage...if i dont i think i will look out for a job in the city with optus...the fact of how close I am to my long service leave is a factor.

Onto weight has it been going? Well not great the last week...I havent been eating junk food but not following things appropriately and havent been to the gym. I think what does my head in all the time is the whole length of how long this will take...but to be honest i need to build a bridge and get over that issue. I have a dieticians appointment at 7am tomorrow morning (yes gawd 7am!!!) and i was so tempted to just blow it off..but no...i will go...and after ive been i will get on that treadmill and do 30 minutes. I think also I just need to start doing classes and start pushing myself. I really wanna be under 135 by the time I go to melbourne so its time to really focus.

Okies I wrote the above like 5 days ago and never posted it LOL wats been happening? saddddddddddd sadddddddddddddd news ryan is leaving me ! Ryan is my best bud at work and he has a new position in the now i will be left to bug him via facebook (gotta love technology) but I am real sad about it...hes such a good friend. One of my friends said when we found out..."how will you cope you are like twins?" so its gonna be a very sad kazz on 17th october =[

I went back to the gym yesterday. Had a huge chat about my head with my dietician. I was telling her about how i find i can lose 20 kilos quite easily cos ive done that about 4 times in the past but then something happens. And she has asked me if I am worried about the attention I would get if I lost say 40 or 50 kilos. And at the time i was like ugh i dunno...but more so then that (cos lets face it...i am a bit of a attention seeker!) its prolly a lack of confidence of keeping the weight OFF...and then becoming the centre of attention for all the wrong reasons and also if i lost 50 kilos and was still single...i would be then left to think holy crap must be something else wrong with me !

I had my hair cut and coloured yesterday and omg i have a fringe ! Im not positive getting it cut into a fringe was a wise decision but it can always be grown out. I also went a slightly lighter colour. Before the golden dance in a few weeks I plan to go to the hairdressers and get them to blow dry it and then i will take a photo before going out that nite.

hmmmm okies not much else....get to see the lilest princess tomorrow...shes down in adelaide with her mum to see dora no less ! lol


the deviant miss said...

You are beautiful no matter what size. Focus on getting healthy for you, no one else. I have faith you can do it. You are inspiring to us all. xoxo

Tania said...

Interesting that the dietician asked you this question! I know of many people (myself included) that have struggled with that 20kg hurdle. So think of it this way, if you can lose 20kgs 2 or 3 times then there is nothing stopping you losing 40kgs or 60kgs - easier said than done I know (after all i'm just over 20kgs heavier than my lowest weight) but you haven't given up and that's what counts.