Tuesday, September 30, 2008

o0o news !

Well TOM finally arrived and hit me quite badly. Im a lot better today but yesterday was in a lot of pain. I suspect now I have kinda "woken" up my system with eating all this unprocessed foods. I went to the docs and he was like well it may be a once off...but i researched it a bit last nite...i will try blackmores PMT which is suppose to help with PMT.

Okies on to good news ! I applied for a job this afternoon and have already had a phone call for a phone interview. I couldnt talk when they rang (I was at work) so will call them back in the morning. So thats all rather exciting. I would presume possibly next week I will have a interview. So saturday its a hair and colour appointment and a eye brow wax and also need to buy some nice pants and shoes. Im very excited. The more I think about it the more I think its time to move on from my current job. Its been a great job...but combined with the public transport system out here which has deteriated and the fact I am bored and want a new challenge I think its time...and to be honest this sounds like a great job, as well as close to home and around the corner from the gym which sounds perfect.

Okies thats all for today !


Shrinking Tardie said...

OMG FRICKING doG Kazz - that is awesome news!!!! the job interview of course dear, not TOM :-)

I expect you to keep us updated by either email or blog.

Good positive vibes coming your way babe!

Love T

Hippygal said...

Good luck with the job interview... and TOM hit here today as well can't wait to wake up tomorrow without the cramps. Have a great week :-)

Jody said...

Good luck with the job interview, Ms Karyn!! Wow you have been with Optus for almost as long as I've known you.

You know Karyn you are making new changes all around. It feels good eh??

Keep it up!!

Hopefully you are feeling better...cramps and all...sheesh. Nothing like making that your topic of conversation....lol. Oh well, it wouldn't be you if we ALL didn't get to hear about all your gory details....lol

Tania said...

Oh how exciting - fingers crossed for the interview.