Saturday, September 27, 2008

Still waiting...

Well TOM was due on the 15th and today is the 27th and still it hasnt friggin showed. Very weird...ive gone back to unprocessed food and TOM has started to remind me of when i was in my 20's (and this isnt a good thing!) The last 3 days ive had cramps, altho today i have none...and when i was measured nearly two weeks ago my bust had increased which my dietician put down to being premenstrual. I tell u if i was a str8 chick doing the hokey pokey with a guy i would be chitting myself that im pregnant right now. The scales have also gone up two kilos so i wish it would bloody hurry up and show !

I have a whole one day off this weekend...altho 3 days off next weekend =] tonite after work we are going to the local pub for a quick drink or two before going home. Tonite i am planning to make tacos...and then tonite...i am going to tidy and sort out my lounge room so i can start to do exercise dvds in it on the days i doing go to the gym. Tomorrow i mite gym it in the morning and in the afternoon i want to tidy up both the upstairs bedrooms and clean the bathroom, and do washing etc ... this is the problem with only one day off...not enough time to relax AND get the necessary chores done.

As i am writing this i am starting to get cramps again LOL lawd would be nice to just get them so i can get rid of this fluid retention.

Not a lot else going on...have a good saturday all

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