Thursday, September 25, 2008

Catch Up

It seems like i havent posted for like a week but in reality it has only been a few days...and it feels like the last few days have been kinda full on.

So lets see...went to the dietician last nite...and weighed in i have "officially" lost 5.4 kilos and 0.8% body fat. Shes really happy with me and I am pretty darn impressed myself !

I emailed yesterday fringe (the gay & lesbian festival held here each november. I was gonna volunteer last year but like most things avoided it, anyway emailed them yesterday and they want me to come to a volunteer induction session on october 12.

I came into work today and there was a internal job in the advertisements i would have liked to apply too...BUT i have no decent clothing for a job interview (we wear jeans n chit to work) so this payday i will go buy some nice pants and then next time a good job comes up in the city i will apply for it (would love to work in the city =])

I was also going to try and go and see a performance of "life is rhythm" was awaiting on a shift swap to see if i could start earlier on the day it is on, but so far no good news. =[

I am working saturday but it is grand final day so we should be very quiet, and after work i am going out for a quiet drink with some people from work as one of the guys is moving to a different team.

Not a lot else going on except i just ate pizza ! lol work gave us pizza for lunch for some work we have done...i told my dietician and well we worked 2 pieces into my plan....was all very yummi ! off i go !

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