Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Life is good

Luscious days off i love em ! I have today off...then finish 3pm friday and dont work again till 11am monday PLUS i have wednesday and thursday off ! woot yay for annual leave and also yay for someone doing a shift swap so i can be "normal" this weekend and have a weekend off.

Monday i was off work with stomach aches...was a familiar pain to when i had the attacks last year so i took the side of caution...doc said my bowel was spasming...but seems fine now. I also asked him about the burning on my soles and he said my feet are flat and i prolly need more support in my shoes. But he also suggested i see a podiatrist so thats something ill do soon.

Yesterday at work jaimee and i were making plans for lunch (we were planning to sit outside then get a 20 minute walk in) anyway i said to her...well i gotta heat my lunch....and shes like .... what u got? and im like pasta with chicken in light evap milk with semi dried tomatos and spinich...she just looked at me and said listen to are so different to what u were like a year ago...ur like a different person....then as we got up to go....she looks at me and goes...oh and those jeans are getting way loose ! lol what a lil ego boost =]

I logged into my work emails earlier today to see they have dispatched my $300 coles myer voucher ! woo hoo i see new clothes in my future. Tomorrow i finish work at 3pm then have to head out to the gym for a PT session...then shower and change and head out to ingle farm to meet some friends for din din. This weekend nothing is planned yet...but with luck i will get up to something.

Measurements and weighing in is on saturday,,,,so i will be back then with the results...not expecting any huge results...but we will see...!

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