Sunday, November 02, 2008


Just noticed my last post was my 400th post....but on to other things....

After some lengthy discussions with myself over the last 2 weeks and a lengthy discussion with my dietician yesterday,,,,its time for a few changes =] Firstly its time to re-priortise some dont get me wrong i love that my social life is starting to take off...but i need to balance things out...i need to realise there are two things which are a top priority one is work the other is this weight loss journey, after that comes my social life, travel and the rest. But as long as I get the first two in place then all other things will follow ! In the last two weeks I have become a lil complacent, I havent been eating all my fruit...and have gone off track a lil. Yesterday was weigh in and measuring day,,,,i lost 2.2 kilos... .4% body fat and some measurements went down while others increased. Im not to phased about it in all honesty i didnt deserve great results...but as my dietician pointed out from where i started to where i am now ive achieved results which are definitely on the high side (in 11 weeks i have lost 5 centimetres of my hips for instance...and not only is that a hard place to lose from its also the part of your body that can dictate a lot of your health issues) so I am impressed with myself...but lets be honest I could have done better. So the first 11 weeks was the introductory as far as I am concerned...its time to rev things up. First thing....i need to start tracking daily....and so I will be posting daily to track my food at the end of each day. Secondly I need to change the food a gonna cut down on bananas (whilst i love them 3-4 a day for 11 weeks im a lil over them) so i am going to change them to tinned pineapple (in natural juice of course), stewed apples and strawberries. I am also gonna start having baked potatoes for lunch on my day off and am going to make one new recipe per week. Okies so thats the changes on the food for the exercise....its REALLY time to up this. First thing the gym has coincidently starting yesterday a challenge of 50 classes between now and december 22... i wont meet that but ill register and go for it. I am also going to do 30 minutes of exercise morning and night. I will be starting this as off tomorrow (hurt my back on friday but should be fine by tomorrow) I am going to make myself attend classes....i wanna do body pump and body balance...and theres a new class on flexibility will try and attend that one when i can....when i cant make the gym it will be either a 30 minute walk or the biggest loser DVD. I am also considering doing a additional PT session of boxing for 10 weeks (still sussing out the finances on that lol) as long as i can afford it i will do that also. Whilst i wouldnt been at my goal weight in all honest i could be close to 100 kilos by mid 2010 if i follow this...if i dont...well maybe ill reach 130 kilos by then....the choice is mine.

Onto other work they have me working on a project....a power point presentation which i think is a big far so good...hopefully they will like it and give me opportunities to do more things like this.

As to the back...i hurt it shopping lol pathetic huh? lol But while out shopping i did spend (got a $300 gift voucher) bought a pair of jeans, 2 pairs of 3/4 pants, 2 shirts and 3 pretty tops, a pair of shoes (which need to be returned), a pair of sunglasses, series 5 of Beverly hills 90210 and the biggest loser cookbook. I need to find some decent sandals that are suitable for work. Some of the clothes fit me...some i need to lose a lil weight to fit into...ill try them on again in 2 weeks and see how we go then. Okies enuff to watch some more of BH90210 lol byessssssssssssss

b - 3 weetbix with banana and milk
s - slim shake
l - multigrain roll with chicken and mayo and 3 pineapple rings with juice
s - 3/4 cup of stewed apples
d - chicken in light evap milk with spinich, semi dried tomatos, onion over 1 cup raw pasta (cooked)
s - small handful of nuts and seeds


Shrinking Tardie said...

Still sounding great Kazz. It's certainly the most together I've heard you 'sound' since I first stumbled across you last year. Can't wait to see you continuing to shrink!


Tania said...

What motivation - well done Kazz!!! Your attitude is spot on, I kept focussing on that during my pregnancy, regarding how much I could end up gaining if I DIDN'T stay focussed - it does motivate!