Friday, September 12, 2008

*yawns* 6.10am and i was at work today gawddddddddddddddddddd ryan keeps turning up earlier and earlier to pick me up lol. It is friday today but I am working this week (yes 2 more 7am starts) so hurry up 3pm sunday cos then im off work till 8am on wednesday. Monday night i am planning to go in a try the pilattes class...if that all goes well I will start to do body pump. Ultimately what id like to do per week is 2 x body punp classes, 1 body combat class + 1 body balance + 1 pilattes class per week...of course its all dependant of my roster but yep that would be the "dream" schedule.

Felicity left a message on my facebook about the new S4 girls nights that have started. I cant go this week but the next few weekends I am off or start late so maybe i can manage to get to one of the nights. Im still on pink sofa but to be honest i havent been utilising it much so its hard to justify in my head renewing the membership so when it expires ill leave it for a few while i love girls right at the moment the focus is very much on me and getting healthy.

Was feeling bit blah last night after work... so a lil after 7pm i headed off to bed and seem to have knocked it on the head as even tho i do have a slight headache at the moment im much better then last nite (was very hot and my thorat while not sore felt swollen) of course having to get up for a 7am start i slept shocking. Whenever I go back to a 7am start I end up waking up regularly thru the night my guess is im subconsciously worried about sleeping past my alarm and being late for work (and what a crime that would be LOL)

Not a lot else to say..have a good friday all =]

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