Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Went to the dietician today...I walked in and said I dont think I should eat my miscellaneous item anymore (I am allowed one miscellaneous item per day like one anzac biscuit) anyway explained i find them and popcord too moreish and i can eat them till the cows come home. We talked and decided a couple of is to cut out the diet coke and pepsi max...and the other is after dinner each nite instead of the popcorn or biscuits i am to have a glass of low joule cordial and a small handful of nuts and seeds. So did that today and that seemed to work.Next is cut out the diet expect me to be quite grumbly over the next few days LOL. Back to work tomorrow...normally tha wouldnt bother me...but it does at the moment...partly cos of the unbelievable childish bitching that goes on within our team....also cos this new product i really have no farking idea what im doing .... which is a feeling i hate...but hopefully that wll improve with time. With that I am off for a early nite...gonna tuck myself in the so you think you can dance ni all

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