Sunday, September 07, 2008

Well 5 days between posts that would normally mean I am off track eh? Not so...lifes just been busy. Ive had gastro the last 2 days and thursday and friday i caught up with my sis and her family and wednesday night went out for a chinese banquet (very yummi to say the least!) After the measurement success i was feeling really motivated then friday i had a PT session. During the PT session i do steps up 12 on each leg while holding 5 kilo weights in each hand. Normally by about the secind step im puffing...but friday wasnt till the end of the first set on my first foot did i start to get puffed ! This felt awesome...i could completely feel a improvement. Now where as i use to hate that exercise i am now starting to enjoy it. I have the next 3 days off tomorrow i am off to the gym for another PT session and tuesday i am planning to do a class (just havent worked out which) so things are going good (ok great!) and i think that is why its been 5 days between posting. I think before i was so insecure about this whole get healthy thing i was dependant on peoples comments and feedback where as now...i simply dont. The centimetres are reducing...i am feeling my fitness levels skin has improved...and ive been healthy (we apart from this gastro lol) so i will still be posting but maybe not as regularly. Okies off i go =]

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