Tuesday, September 02, 2008

wooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooo!

Well gawd firstly this week has kicked my ass...this new product we are doing at work is completely doing my head in...so bit stressed and coming home from work im just wanting to veg out. But tonight...i went to the gym did 25 minutes on the bike...surprisingly i find the treadmill easier. Anyway then i went and saw eve and we did the measurements and i lost a total of 21 CENTIMETRES !!! (jody i think thats ummmm 8.27 inches)..so heres the breakdown:

bust - 4 cms
under bust - 5 cms
waist - 8 cms
hips - 2 cms
arms - 2 cms

So a great response ! I really didnt expect to lose more then about 3 cm on any body part and even dreamed about it the nite before last. My dietician also suggested i start to take some classes - eek ! She suggested the spin class (on the bike) but i dont think i can sit on those things for a full class hurts my ass too much ! I am thinking tho monday nite i MITE try a pilates class...id like to try but im nervous as chit...but one of the things my trainer wants me concentrating on is my balance (im kinda clumsy and lol that explains jodys comments on my past post ... and yes i do love ya too my favourite ho! lol) so anyways pilates or body balance is prolly a good way to go...anyway we will see...tomorrow i am working then tomorrow nite i have a team dinner at a chinese banquet ! okies off i go !

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