Friday, September 12, 2008


Welp it is time for some changes. Weight loss wise and healthy lifestyle wise things are going great. So slowly gonna take some new is not isolating myself so much...the other is the blog is going to change a lil. I constantly don't talk about "lesbian" topics...i avoid the topic a as not to offend anyone but thats going to change. I dont wanna be one dimensional and be only about weight theres the warning...less focus solely on weight loss and more focus on me and my lift as a whole. Also early next week i will be updating the needs a new more individual look ! I also need to start doing more...Being single and having been single for quite a while is quite isolating. And even tho i may wanna go out and do things i dont want to go to them if im going alone...but i think thats gonna change...tuesday i am going to go down the torrens river...gonna go for a walk along it take something for a mp3player and a book...and have a lil laze in the sunshine (presuming its a nice day !) also wanna start using my camera more and taking photos more. So look forward to some changes !


Shrinking Tardie said...

Good for you Kazz! I for one won't be the least bit offended - your sexuality is just another part of what makes you!


Shrinking Tardie said...

Now THAT is cute!!!

Love the template darl.


Hippygal said...

Love the new look, and will still be following your journey.