Sunday, September 21, 2008

Road rage

Well last ntie i witnessed my first episode of REAL road rage ! We were going home down main north road (main road here in adelaide) and this car with a group of kids was doing about 140km and swerving in n out between the cars n nearly hit us. Then we got to the lights and another car came up behind the hoon car (we were in the lane next to it) n this big guy gets out and goes around to the passengers window and with a piece of thick metal bashed on the passengers window...the second bash on it broke the window...then luckily the light turned green and the hoon car drove off. Me and ryan were in total shock...we sat there with our mouths open wide dead quiet...then about 5 minutes later i turn around to him and said...if that had been our car i wouldve fainted...and then we just started laughing...was a very bizarre thing. It was kinda like we were watching a movie and we were the viewers.

Woke late this morning...of course come wednesday morning when ive gotta be up early again ill suffer lol. Food wise been really good. Last nite when i got home in a pan i fried chicken peices and onion...added light evap milk with cornflour...then added chopped up spinich...fat free semi dried tomatos and a lil parmassen cheese. and served it over pasta....truly was to die for !

Okies its a workday for me 7 hours and 29 minutes till im off work and on my weekend...enjoy ur sunday all =]

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OMG that's crazy! in crazy that I haven't done that to somebody yet! LOL