Friday, September 19, 2008

Damn shifts

Well today was a lil bit of a struggle...the last few weeks i have been working 8am-4pm and have got into a nice pattern with my eating. Today i was working 11am-7pm...which meant lunch was at 2.45pm but cos ive been doing earlies i was awake at 7am....which meant...breakfast was at 7.30am...lunch 2.45pm and dinner at the day was completely stretched out and to say i was hungry in the hour or two before lunch is the understatement of the year. So a bit of a challenge. Tomorrow I am working noon to 8pm so got the problem tomorrow as well. So the plan is tonite to stay up to around midnight and then hopefully wont wake up till at least i have decided to start walking in my area....i wanna test my feet out how they will handle walking around the when i wake ill grab a banana and go for a 20 minute walk...and when i get home ill have my slim drink....when i get to work at about 11.30am ill have my weetbix...then in my first break ill have a banana & a small handful of nuts and at 4pm my that should work lol fingers crossed !

Yesterday we are standing around waiting to go into a meeting and my friend jaimee looks at me and says...i think u look smaller...i was like oh? see thats why i luv today i was annoying ryan and she turned around to me and sure of do look smaller...and of course i was like oh thank you thank you ! She said my waist and hips look smaller so that was really good to hear ! And the other news is ive stuck to this plan for 5 weeks.....about 12 months since ive managed to stick at it for this long !

Not a lot else going on...about to go have a shower and watch 30 something...enjoy ur friday all !

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