Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sore tummy muscles & other stuff...

Woke this morning and thought yippee im not sore....but as i moved around noticed i bloody hell was stomach and rib area was the class yesterday obviously woke up some muscles ! I then went and saw the dietician...and told her about the pizza escapade...she said next time go to a local pizza shop get marinara pizza on thin style with only a small amount of cheese and enjoy it...she noticed that i tend to go off track when i have had some boring meals so she said thats what i need to focus on not eating the same thing all the time so i get bored. Also shes changed my afernoon snack from a dairy and a banana to just a banana (i was finding it too much) and that way if im wanting low fat cheese or light evaporated milk in my dinner i can. I think i will also buy something "treatish" but low in points to have in the freezer in case a situation like that happens again (maybe lite fish fillets and oven fries)

She then did my boobs have increased ! *puffs out my chest* but she said thats prolly due to being prementstrual...i lost in the last 2 weeks 5 centimetres taking the total in 5 weeks ive lost to 26 centimetres, Id like to improve on that at my next measurement....i didnt drink much water when i was off work for the week when 2 days were sick leave with gastro and also then the pizza drama so all up not that bad a result) Bottom line is i dont feel like im going backwards yet if i weighed i think i would have.

Oh and nat still considering the xmas show...havent forgotten the dare !

Okies these muscles need a hot shower...enjoy your nite all !

Oh and when i walked into my dieticians office she said - your glowing (i thought she meant sweating lol) then she said no your skin is glowing...and have to admit this healthy eating and drinking water is making my hair and skin soft and lovely!)

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