Tuesday, September 23, 2008

6 Weeks later...

Well ive partly made some decisions. After a few emails with nat (the exercise goddess) and a lil more research...i realise now this whole time the focus should have been on a healthy & fit life and not the scales. I have decided i am going to join the gym n i am leaning towards fernwood with using the online coach. I am just debating still between contour n fernwood. As I did pay out fernwood I have emailed them to see what they can offer me...contour is closer but is only a circuit...i tell u i am terrible at making decisions like this...on a 20 minute interval i change my mind between gyms lol...anyway we will wait n see how i feel tomorrow. Tomorrow I am off again and have the docs appointment....

SO that was a post from August 4...today is 6 weeks since i rejoined fernwood....so a rehash on whethere this was the right decision...

1. ive lost 5.3 kilos (11.66 pounds) in this time kinda kept that under my hat eh? lol)
2. ive lost 26 cms (10.2 inches) from my body
3. im getting fitter
4. My calves are no longer flabby and have some tone to them
5. My knees especially my left knee is getting less pain
6. im planning to go to the golden dance in a few weeks !
7. im happy within myself...im happy when i wake...and get on with my day
8. Only had 2 days off work sick...and that was ONLY at the docs insistent cos i was contagious (and as a side note work has noticed my sick leave has improved and is now giving me one paid sick day per month for 3 months and will then review it again =])
9. I eat hardly any processed foods
10. Ive finally learnt the numbers on the scales isnt the be all and end all...i get just as excited by realising my fitness levels have improved.

So i think...we can say now...returning to fernwood was the wisest decision for me...sure it costs me quite a bit...but for just my PT session and dietician session per week its all worth it....and seeing things slowly improve in lots of ways is a huge improvement to me....i think i am being weighed tomorrow nite and my body fat retested...and then next monday is my last week on my current program...week after my trainer will start me on a new progam.

And on that happy note...im off to watch some more of the old bevely hills 90210 that i bought on DVD...im so addicted LOL byessssssssssssssssss


Hippygal said...

Wow that is an awesome achievement, well done on your loss.

Shrinking Tardie said...

Fantastic news Kazz.

So stoked that you gave up on the scales and looked at more realistic measures of achievement.