Monday, September 15, 2008

kazz hearts her gym !

Went to the gym today for a PT session and gawd it was just what i needed. Firstly i got there and went on the treadmill did 24 minutes...only thing is i am getting too fit ! yes me ! too fit ! okies maybe thats a exageration....but a few weeks ago a gradient of 4-5 would get my heart rate up as high as on 5 it barely hit 130 which is good news of course but it means i need to up things up. I then did my PT session and my trainer is really happy with how i am going...i am now doing 40 kilos on the LAT pull down machine...ive increased the weight by 10 kilos in under 4 weeks...and every one of the machines/exercises i do have increased every week since i started...she said im doing really good. I told her im thinking about doing classes and coming more often and she said thats normal to want to do tomorrow i AM going to do body balance, was gonna go and do pilattes tonite but i have been to the gym already once a day and its really windy and wet here so must admit staying indoors sounds much better.

Have also decided to have something a lil different for dinner gonna cook hawaiian chicken out of STGTBT...okies nearly 5pm time to get dinner started !


Jody said...

Karyn, loving your new "you"!!! Love your outlook, your willingness to try new things, but most importantly your new "You" in that you're are NOT quitting when things aren't "just" right.

I've seen you diet on and off for many years now...and this time you're having fun!! That's great! I love you, kiddo keep up the good GET DOWN AND GIVE ME 20!!!!

Jody said...

Oh and ps. ask your friend Tardie to let me in...I keep knocking and she won't let me in...I miss her blog!!