Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Getting my body in balance...

Woke this morning and was hmmmm should i go and do this body balance class like i planned? Maybe i should go to the swiss ball class instead? But in the end i got my ass into gear and went to the class...and i must say im very glad I did ! It was hard...and there were a positions I couldnt do...but i prolly managed 90% of the class...by the end of the class I had built up a sweat and was feeling it (prolly didnt help that my arms were sore from yesterdays PT session) The only thing was that my right wrist hurt a lil and yesterday my left wrist hurt too when holding the free weights while doing the stepups, so i really need to find some exercise to help strengthen them...anyone know any by any chance? Then after the class finished...i went on the treadmill - rawr ! I was planning to up the gradient...which i did to 5.5 and do 20 minutes....well i lasted 16 minutes and then was too buggered...but meant i worked out for over a hour so im impressed. So now im wondering if maybe i should just work on doing body balance once a week combined with the treadmill...or whether i should just bite the bullet and try body pump as well.

Went and played gammon online today...first time i have for prolly 4 months...i thought oh lawdie i will suck...but out of 4 tournaments i won 3 - rawr ! i kicked ass. Must admit i am pretty ruthless when i play gammon love kicking peoples counters of the board.

Tonite for dinner i am making beef in black bean sauce....are u jealous? If you arent u bloody well should be! ...okies off i go to make it...have a nice nite all =]

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Jody said...

You need to check her out on the VMA awards. She was HOT!!