Monday, August 11, 2008

What a good day !

Well i sure didnt sit on my ass all day today altho that said i did have some relaxation time and watched some tv. This morning I went to the shops bought some potting soil, some vegetable seedlings and some sport socks ! lol I have planted the seedlings I have tomato, asian cabbage, spring onions potted. I also bought some carrot seeds so will buy some appropriate pots next time im at the shops. Then this evening before going to the gym i stopped in at katies...I went and checked out their clearance range...tried on 2 tops size 22 and they fitted ! OK they were firm fitting but they did fit which i was a lil surprised about. Each top was only $9.95 so a bargain too. Then I put one of their newer tops on layby...size the layby ends in 6 which point i should be moving close to a size 20 fitting me.

I then went to fernwood and i feel SOOOOOOOOOOO pumped ! I had a long talk to the membership consultant and told her that previously i had felt that i was in the too hard basket and that they had me on too few calories. So after lots of chatting she felt i need to mix it up and have a new dietician and trainer (turns out my old PT was in a motorbike accident and so will be able out of action for a while anyway) when i explained the issues id had and what my goals are she was like "im going to put you with fiona i think the way she works would be a good match for you" so i felt really good that she wasnt just thinking match me with anyone. So i have a appointment at 3pm tomorrow with the new dietician and then following that im going to do 30 minutes on the then planning to go in before work on wednesday and get this --- i have a PT session 7.30am on friday morning....i am going to try going more in the morning this time then the evening. Now that the new roster that starts on august 25 the latest i will work is getting to bed by 10am-10.30am to be able to leave the house by 7am will work good. So in a minute im gonna head over and download the cardio coach mp3 work outs to put on my phone and then i will be set. In the morning I am planning to make some vegetable soup. So this is stage in my journey...i so want this....and i know its easy to have motivation in the beginning but am DETERMINED to see this thru !

Ok off I go...and airlie hugssss am thinking of you

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the deviant miss said...

way to go beautiful!!!
you are making me want to get off my duff and get active. xo