Tuesday, July 01, 2008

well how did i go today? Well i didnt go ! No i havent given up or gone on a binge or anything....on my scales at home last week i weight 150.8 kilos...before i ate dinner last nite i weighed 150.0 i was thinking wooo hooo then i ate dinner...and being the nuerotic wwer i am weighed again before bed and was 152.1 ! I knew then i had eaten something wrong...and was right...id had bacon DUH !!! of course thats high in salt...so when i woke this morning i was 151 kilos...and i so didnt wanna go in and have a gain...so decided not to weigh in and ill go out to the salisbury meeting on saturday and weigh in there....this will teach me. Been very good again today and the books i ordered finally arrived ! So i can get them off to my niece in time for her birthday. Anyway gonna keep this short as i have the start of a migraine...have just taken panadeine forte...i expect to be unable to keep my eyes open within about 30 minutes...enjoy ur day all =]

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