Saturday, July 05, 2008

Well i been a damn slack ass eh? Actually i rarely write in my journal from home...usually always at work so its not something i tend to do at home. Holidays are not great for weight loss i decided LOL im so good at work...i have my schedule and have to stick to it...breaks at specific times and are generally 2 hours apart but at home that goes out the window, and when you throw in lunch at other peoples houses, and morning tea and delectable coffee shops it doesnt quite go to plan. The scales show im up about 500 grams from after my first week on ww...and im not stressing. I havent pigged out...eaten no take away (except for a chicken ceaser baguette and a croissant) so considering ive been on holidays i dont think ive been too bad. What has prolly really killed me is i made low fat muffins.2.5 points each...which is fine if you have ONE...but being at home...especially in the afternoon instead of grabbing the banana for one point been grabbing them LOL. But back to work monday...same day the star team challenge back to the routine and to focussing.

I did do my biggest loser dvd the other nite...lasted a whole 9 minutes and 20 seconds before i got woozy. But i want to start doing that more regularly. Havent done a lot else altho i did see a recipe by iian hewitson which im gonna try next weekend (have to grab a few ingredients) but am gonna change it a lil

Oh and miss adorable turns 4 on tuesday ! so big happy to her...posting her present on monday so it should arrive just in time for tuesday...okies off i go....enjoy all

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Jody said...

One step at a time! You've already recognized what you did and you know the solution! C'mon my lil Karyn get back on track and all is good...I love ya, ya sexi thang!!