Monday, June 30, 2008

Well day one of my week off and I must admit I have been completely lazy. Woke up to rain bucketing down thinking what a great day to have off. Ive then pretty much not done a lot LOL...watched tv...played on the puter...and not a hell of a lot else ! Last nite at work a email popped in my inbox to say i had won a "spot" award it was for team work and for the work i been doing with one of the guys in my team to help him increase his calls per hour. so it was 2500 wishlist points...which means i have enuff for a $100 think ill save that for when i get to 10 kilos lost since rejoining ww.

Did you notice the star team link on my journal? Its a challenge to focus on your goals for 12 on the link and check it ive registered for that...also on the link ive added the girl who is running it her jounral which is full of core point food...check it out gonna have to try the pineapple rings...theyd be nice as a treat with some icecream

Ive been good again hopeful of a small dont expect miracles when i post my loss tomorrow but fingers crossd I reach at least reach 100 grams.

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