Sunday, June 29, 2008

Well yay, being real careful with the sodium seems to be working, i was around the same weight as i was last week today when i weighed in this morning. I have tracked my food for today including dinner and still have 8 points left ! My team leader just told me she has bought popcorn and her popcorn machine glad ive got points left plus i will prolly have a crumpet when i get home...should still leave me a point or two over.

I feel much better about the whole weight loss thing for a few days there i was thinking here we go its just like at the gym again...but thankfully that doesnt seem to be the case.

Had a bit of a funny episode this asleep...wake up to a woman moaning LOL the guy next door musta picked up a filly last nite and was getting some action lol and well obviously my walls arent as sound proof as i thought ! So mental note...IF i ever meet someone i will need to set up a bed in the other room. lol so interesting start to the day. Then i get up and after lucnh get ready for work...i get on the bus...have my mp3 player in my ear playing...get on the bus n theres this goth chick with a million face piercing with a radio just playing it...not with earphones attached just playing it on the damn bus ! Was so loud i could hear it over my mp3 player which was on full LOL

Well its 2.36pm i work till 10pm then wooo hooo a week off. Cannot wait altho of course tomorrow morning ill be busy ringing around sorting out the bank drama.

Ok off i go...if i dont post tomorrow ill be back on tuesday with my weigh in results =]

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Anonymous said...

you are doing great babe! And when the bank could have given you the shits and made you want to eat - you didn't. Good choices!