Saturday, June 28, 2008

Well went to do my grocery shopping last night...I am going thru the check out...swipe my card... put my pin in (is a debit card) n the girl says it i said oh redo i musta put the wrong pin she does it again and comes back and says "no savings account attached" im like wtf...try doing it as credit...and voila goes thru. I then go to the ATM...try and draw out $60 via savings...tells me no savings account but was able to get it out via credit. Ring gawd damn westpac this morning and the guy goes "oh you must be one of the customers who didnt recieve a letter" turns out they did something wrong TWO YEARS ago when they set up my card and now have changed it from savings to cheque *ugh* what a pain...but anyway at least i know the issue now.

Yesterday I was a lil bad...i didnt take my metaformin tablet till after lunch and after dinner i was still hungry (first time thats happened since i went back to ww) i ended up having about 5 extra points...but i ahd a couple of points saved and will knock off a couple the next few days...the scales this morning said im up 800 grams but i dont think thats really from the sandwich...ive had a few foods high in sodium lately and also i have been having those lites pecan biscuits...i worked out the nutritional value is .5 for a biscuit,,,,so ive been having 2 at a time and counting 1 point...but when i put it in my tracker last nite properly via is actually 1.5 points for 2 always remembering that when i went back to ww last time and lost the 30 odd kilos i did have a gain in the second week (700 grams) so if i can keep it a minimal gain or even maintain right now id be happy. And of course this could all screw with my head and must admit last nite it was screwing with it (prolly why i had the sandwich) and the whole thought of this is hard...this is such a effort...but no fear no way im giving up...just kinda reminded me of my weight going up n down like it did when i was at the gym. But perseverence...

I am at work till 5 pm....then work 2pm to 10 pm tomorrow then woo hoo im on my weeks leave ... im so looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow...altho i feel better then yesterday as i did sleep in till 7.30am

Okies off i go...enjoy ur weekend all !

OMFG I HATE WESTPAC !!!! Theyve fukin declined all my direct debit transactions so my rent and provate health didnt go thru cos of this drama over it being a savings account and they now want it listed as a cheque account...ffs...not a happy camper i can tell u !


Jody said...

Hmmm I take it this check you sent me for services rendered isn't good and I need not cash it? Send me cash!! LOL

Seriously, hope things get straight for you soon!

kazz said...

lol @ services rendered hahahah....heres a service...oh wait nm imma behave LOL