Saturday, July 26, 2008

vegetable soup !!!!

OMFG !!!! Right about now I am in total shock...yesterday i made vegetable soup from the 1st ww book but also added spinich too it...I whipped it thru the blender so was just a thick soup but no chunky bits, bought it to work today and ate it and enjoyed it ! OMFG IM STUNNED ! Those who dont know I have awful terrible vegetable phobias (erm corn, peas and beans pop in ur mouth yanno!) I never eat vegetables I will chop up capsicum and mushies and onions in a pasta dish and ill have pasta dishes with spinich in it but thats anyway made the soup...went to heat it at lunch time and said to everyone while eating me pull faces...well damn I liked it ! It was so damn nice...this is such a HUGE deal for me...vegetables have always been my demon...and yes they were all blended but i got the vitamins ! I am a happy girl ! okies off I go...felt like shouting this news from the rooftops hehe


Shrinking Tardie said...

YAY vegetable soup!!! I've got a stunning recipe for chicken and sweet corn too if you're interested! I was never a soup eater but LOVE it now.

Good on you for the work you're putting in Kaz. So good to see you sticking at it mate.


Anonymous said...

That is awesome! and it is so good when you find something yummy and healthy!

Jody said...

Good going Karyn, so proud our lil princess found a way to eat her vegetables...good girl! ;)

Seriously, I'm really proud that you're making ways to succeed in your quest to reach your goal...I always knew you could do it!!