Monday, July 28, 2008

Well another week exciting LOL...this is a long week for me...i work 4 days...have wednesday off then work another 4 days...but happily i have monday-thursday off next week. I am planning to go into katies on one of those days and buy some new clothes. They have 2 levels and on the top level they have reduced items (sometimes as cheap as $5 a item) so will prolly do that one day, a bit of baking and just some relaxing pottering around the house.

Weigh in tomorrow and am expecting a nice solid loss - how good will this be - 2 losses in a row ! GO ME !!! so fingers crossed a loss does appear on those scales and of course as long as the loss is at least 200 grams I will hit 5 kilos and if its 600 grams or more I will be under 150 kilos woooo hoooo !!! so we will see how it goes.

Not a lot else going on except work, sleeping and eating LOL

PS nat - id love that chicken and corn soup recipe if you could send it to me ! thanks !

Okies off to do some work !

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