Thursday, July 24, 2008

Well damn proud right about now ! Wanted kfc tonite...gawd I so could freaking taste that chicken dripping in oil melting in my mouth lol but I resisted and instead pulled out steggles chicken breast fillets and a lil ww ice cream. So feeling very proud took a sneak peak at the scales and well we know I fluctuate all over the things are looking good...lets hope it stays at this till at least tuesday i sooooooooo wanna get under 150 kilos and reach my first 5 kilos since going back to ww this week.

On my day off today and has been lovelyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy slept in till 8.15am then got up...and just spent the day at home...Ive been so tired this week. Going from 11pm finishes to being at work 8.30am has knocked me around so that sleep in was very welcome. Tomorrow morning when I wake I am going to do the grocery shopping...I already have a shopping list written, have been thru my recipe books so have all the ingredinets on my list for a couple of recipes out of the STGTBT books and also gonna get recipes to make a big pot of the point free I can make more of a effort to get my vegies in each day. I bought some lovely bread rolls from coles this week...they were brown...with pumpkin, sunflower seeds and rye so yummii hopefully I can get some more this week...and I can have them with the soup for lunch this week.

Okies people off I go ... if not before I will be back monday night/tuesday with my weigh in result !

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