Friday, July 18, 2008

Decision time...

Well a quick post before I head off to get ready for work. After much thinking and reading posts on ww forum...i have decided i am going to stop taking metformin for a month and see what happens weightloss wise. I am a couple of kilos lighter then about 5 weeks ago but considering i lost 2.9 kilos the first week thats not good enuff to me. Im convinced the metformin has restricted my weight loss. I also take my last antibiotic on monday so next week will have a decent chance of weight loss. I have a dentist appointment at noon on thursday so hopefully that will sort out the tooth drama. I am also planning to start walking around the block daily as off tomorrow (working till 11pm tonight so cant tonight lol)

Its friday today yayyyyyyyyyy its been a long weekend and we have been real busy...n that combined with working till 11pm every nite im more then ready for a couple of days off...ok off i go....have a good weekend all !

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