Wednesday, July 16, 2008

So ugh what a few work last night got called into the office...there they laid out a spreadsheet of my sickleave since i started working at the company...they turned around and said whilst this year my sick leave has been better they had noticed there was some patterns to it...i pointed out to them when i go to ww my sick leave is less and when i got taken off the fixed roster to a rotating roster that made it really hard. So they have told me i can do shift swaps to try and make sure i can get to ww each week. I wasnt in trouble or anything like that they were merely wanting to know what they could do to help me. I also mentioned i prolly need some counselling and they reminded me that work does offer some free counselling sessions...we can have 4 sessions per year so i think i am going to go there and maybe they can suggest on the counselling side what i should do.

Was reading jaxxs entry today was interesting...altho it reminds me of my frustration...apart from the last 2 days my eating has been spot on...altho over the weekend i underate while my mouth was sore...yet i simply seem to fluctuate...this could be due to the fact im on painkillers, antibiotic and metformin. I also havent been i think thats where i need to pick up. Ive been drinking 2 litres of water per day (altho not going to the toilet heaps which makes me think i am retaining fluid) i need to start to get off my ass and even this week ive used my sore mouth as a excuse not to exercise (oh have i mentioned i hate exercise? lol) i bought a gym mat last week and i do have the biggest loser dvd and i think i should start doing the dvd...i suspect too much jumping may hurt my mouth but the rest i should be able to do.

I have started rereading dr phils going to very slowly read thru it all and make sure i really take it in. The bit i was reading last nite was all about relaxing and letting go of "i have to lose weight" and coming to the conclusion that i "want to lose weight - that i desire to lose weight" i really do relate to this...cos i completely stress over the scales. I will always weigh daily cos it DOES motivate me but its a double edged sword cos it can frustrate the chit out of me i need to start relaxing more...maybe just think about it all 5 minutes morning and night in a relaxful way.

Im also gonna alter my breakfast a lil...ive been having 2 crumpets for breakfast each day...but i think i mite go back to my weet bix and see how that goes...anyways enuff for today...enoy ur nite all =]

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