Saturday, July 19, 2008

Todays Ramblings

Okay those who know me know i am pretty stubborn...i have certain "laws" i go by in my life...and as dr phil would say their deal breakers. That said i can be an opinionated ass when i want to be...and i make no apologies for that. I debated and debated over whether to write this post then thought nah shove it its my blog ill say what i damn well please *smirks*

Anyways as you may have gathered by the title i have a bee in my bonnet about something. Have you ever noticed when we start losing weight some become the all know all on weight loss? How many times have i posted on ww forums...something along the lines of im struggling but still have some lil upstart who has just got back from their first meeting having lost a few kilos and then decides to tell ME what i should be doing ! Now im not a great know all either but i have managed to lose and keep off to date nearly 20 kilos so i dont think the whole newbie approach of telling me what to do will work (oh the number of times i have to click the X on the ww forums so i dont get me and my mouth in trouble lol) its also even those who have been doing it awhile...successful or mildly successful or whatever we suddenly think we can tell others what they are doing wrong...and that we have been there so we KNOW they havent been honest with themselves...ok people heres my thoughts...its NOT simply input vs output...yes a huge amount of it is the food you put in your mouth....but what about medications people may be taking? what about ill advice they may be getting? dealing with emotional issues? real life stresses? where your head is at? i know scientifically it is simply about what u put in ur mouth but we all know sooooo much can impact this weight loss. If you are doing well with your weight loss...hurrah, terrific i am so so so glad for you (honestly i am !) but remember we shouldnt judge till we have walked a mile in someone elses shoes. Now altho i am not taking this personally....simply dont judge someone one knows what i am going thru just like i dont know what someone else is going thru. Being tolerant is a wonderful quality and while u may be doing great today can you GUARANTEE you will be in 6 months time?

A number of years ago i met a lady online her name is C anyways she is one of the wisest women i ever met...anyway one day i got into a disput with a friend of hers who was bi....basically telling this woman she was confused cos she didnt identify as either gay or i come to that reasoning cos while coming out i did for a short period of time identify myself as bi till i came to the conclusion u dumb broad u never wanna be with a guy again so just come on out and admit ur a lesbian lol anyway C pulled me aside...and talked to me....that just cos i didnt fully understand a bi woman didnt make them confused it simply made ME confused on the bisexual lifestyle. There are so many difference in life...from someone who is back white etc etc...and one of the greatest personality traits one can have is next time someone isnt doing as well as you or just going about it in a different....dont judge...sit may learn a thing or two. When i first came out i never thought i be attracted to "butch" women...but guess what? I am...the book i am reading at the moment is about a butch woman who as she grew up people would say is she a boy or a girl? she identifies as a he-she...anyway she has a girlfriend in my book and she has decided to take male hormones...and her girlfriend has broken up with her over this....because as the gf says by being with a man (ok a transgendered man) she is giving up her lifestyle as a lesbian...its a real interesting question. If i met someone who decided to take male hormones....would i stay with them? is it like how missy higgins says that "love is fluid" and i would stay with the person cos no matter what i would still love them or the fact id be giving up my identity such a big factor i couldnt do it? Okies gawd i ramble...this is just crap going on in my head so thought id put it down in writing

PS this post is aimed at NO ONE so dont leave defensive comments...and remember this is MY ... simply respect that

okies...over and out (does a army salute !)


Shrinking Tardie said...

Army salute back at you Kazz.

While it is basically energy in v's energy out, I have a 1.3 kilo gain this morning (as in overnight) that shows that on a daily basis, it is far more complex than that.

And you know I totally agree with you about the emotional side of things as well.

Part of the reason that I don't post much on the forum anymore is I was getting sick of the 'upstarts' as you call them as well. I'm a newb in comparison to how long you've been doing this for but I hope to God that you've never once reacted in a defensive way from anything that I've said. Because it's never, ever been meant in that way. I'm just a little Tard doing what works for me - it's certainly not ever been meant as a game plan for anybody else.

Hugs friend...Nat

kazz said...

omg no nat your definitely not a "upstart" lol i value every bit of advice you have ever given me

kazz =]

Shrinking Tardie said...

Thank God for that! I'd be mortified if I thought I'd offended you mate!

I did some googling this morning on PCOS and found a bunch of websites that say that drug you're on is supposed to help with weight loss - will be interesting to see what the results of your little self-experiment are!


Who Is Trisha? said...


Your site, your time, your thoughts. It is how I think of my site and if people take offence - that is their problem not yours.

People are trying to help and do not realise what you have already achieved through hard work.

Well done for the 20kg todate