Monday, June 09, 2008

wow posting 2 days in a row =] Working today and earning double time and a half...gotta love public holidays...and its been relatively quiet which is nice. I finish at 4.30pm then gotta head home and do some more cleaning...just gonna do a clean of the kitchen...mop the floors and the clean the well as dust the lounge room and vacumm it...that will have the bottom floor all ready for the inspection. Then tomorrow night...clean the bedroom...and the bathroom and vac and THEN only thing left is to sweep under the carport and the lil backyard courtyard...easy peasy...all done.

Im rethinking the still planning to get it but maybe not straight away...i really need a new sofa...mine i got second hand...its all grubby and ive had it 5 years now so really thinking its outlived its "secondhandness" i also wanna buy a pantry cupboard for the kitchen....and i figured i can always put the wii on so worried it would be fun for a week and then id lose interest and they are so damn will wait and see.

Had a ww meal for lunch slowly starting to make some good choices....altho next monday night is D nite. Whilst i plan to committ 110% to ww from next monday i dunno if i will get all back into the forums. I still visit daily...but theyve turned very dramatique and whilst im sure they will die down...i cant imagine its that helpful to me...i dont often post on the going under 150 thread as a lot of the chit chat is about kids and of course i have none. I popped into the going under 80's thread and whilst i dont "belong" there they seemed more in tune with me as i didnt see much "kid chat" nothing wrong with kid chat of course...but not something i can really relate too.

Okies off i go for some work...

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Shrinking Tardie said...

Completely agree with you about the forums at the moment Kazz. Not helpful/healthy places.

And the kid chat thing I'm a bit over as well - mind you I've never been the type of chick who's been into the 'mothers group' scene anyway.

Don't be a stranger eh?