Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Well the inspection is over ! YaY she was very impressed....wrote me a note (when i wasnt looking) that said the unit looks fantastic and she said as she was leaving everything is perfect. She admired my photos of my nephews lol...and now a few things will get fixed...the bottom floor toilets has a leak so they will fix that and they are also gonna reseal the tiling in the upstairs bedroom...and they are also gonna send out a guy to do a maintenance on the a/c. I swear to god u turn the a/c on and it sounds like a airplane is taking thats all good ! YaY

Okies this is bad...remember i said my size 26 jeans are skin tight? Well...i looked in the mirror today ( not something i do often) and i noticed all across my stomach i have yellow when i say the jeans are skin tight...around my waist they really are (to the point at work i undo the button - eep !) so yes something has to change...last night when i came home...there was a promo from ww in my letter join and get a free done deal (not that i was debating...but now a additional incentive for that first meeting)

Im really over the ww forums...i dont even wanna go to them anymore seeing the religious content thats been there lately...maybe its me....but...its not what i wanna see there. Anyway i wont get on my soapbox...less said the better i think

Enjoy ue day all


Shrinking Tardie said...

Kazz - would it be inappropriate of me to say Amen Sister!!! ROFL...

Congrats on the inspection - I hated those things.

Congrats on re-joining.

Congrats on sounding happier.

But boo hiss to those jeans.

Before you know it, they'll be falling down darl.


kazz said...

lol@ amen crack me up Nat :)

Shrinking Tardie said...

was a bit worried about posting it - didn't want you think I was in on it :-)

I'm over the boards as well - much prefer keeping in touch with a select handful of folk. way too much weirdness/negative talk on them.

Anyway, I'll just keep stalking your blog :-)