Thursday, June 12, 2008

So its pay day today...not dya "officially" is friday for us...but mines normally in my bank account by about 3.30pm on thursday. Today is a special payday tho as its our BONUS pay packet...nice big one ! I hope its in by 5pm as i would like to go do the grocery shopping after work tonite...but ive got a sneaky suspicion it may not be thru till about 1am. Whilst getting the place organised for the inspection realised there are some things i need ... so tomorrow gonna buy toilet mats for both toilets...bath mat...door mats for the back and front door...a BLOODY electric blanket as im very cold at night and of course...most likely the WII. I was perusing ebay last nite and they have series one and series four of ellens sitcom tv show on there so mite purchase them and i also wanna buy the book "butch stone blues".

Ive also been looking at some digital scrapbooking kinda good with computer graphics programs and they look rather kewl...only thing is when i do fonts on my computer with vista they come out blurry even tho all my settings are correct...mite sit down and play around with the fonts tomorrow at some point and see if i can work it out...that or maybe i need to upgrade my graphics program. Im using psp 7 LOL which has been around a trillion maybe i should bite the bullet and get psp 10. ooo well just got a email that the book i want which has been sitting in the shopping cart at this book site for a week or so if i purchase today will get $10.00 off it so think theres the incentive to buy it !

I think with this cooler weather too i mite pull out the ole cross stitch. Im getting kinda blah about sitting in front of a computer and wanting to do other things going back to ww on monday i will be cooking more...but mum gave me a while ago a gorgeous cross stitch of these teddy think i mite pull it out and get started on it...i have so many hanging hooks in my place would be a nice one to do...would also like to do a kitchen type one for in the kitchen too...mite have to go on to ebay to check that out lol...okies off i go people (i am suppose to be at work after all !) LOL

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