Sunday, June 15, 2008

Well gawd I swear I did a post yesterday but its nowhere to be seen and not even as a draft so the poltergeists musta stolen it...lets hope this one goes thru.

Its 8.19am on a sunday morning and I am at work,,,ot so bad,....i finish at 4.30pm today and then dont work till 2pm tomorrow which wooo hooo means a sleep in. Altho Ill prolly wake with the birds LOL As I am working tomorrow evening I cant go to ww till tuesday morning...but that kinda works better...its the same leader but the group is smaller...the monday night meeting here is SO busy .. its horrid LOL

Went to target the other day and they had series, 1,2 and 3 of L word !! OMG was so excited...and they were on special...reduced form $69.99 to $46.99 so I grabbed all 3. I also bought on ebay if these walls could talk 1 & 2, and series one of the ellen sitcom so over the next few weeks or so ill get a few deliveries. I also bought the book "butch stone blues" and when i bought it i also bought my niece a couple of books ... anyone remember "a duck named ping" im so excited to give her that book. I also bought the beginners biggest loser workout dvd which is suppose to below impact so that should help me out too as i get refocused

Was asked to goout with some girls from pink sofa friday see the band redhead and then to the ed but i gotta be at work at 8am on saturday morning so need to skip it =[

I feel good today...i feel "free" ive had some worries the past few weeks...firstly i was stressed over the inspection and then thursday i had a run in with someone at work...but spoke to my manager about it yesterday (other person spoke to me completely inappropriately) and i feel much better now. so feels like a real weight has lifted off me.

Tongiht or tomorrow morning i am gonna make up some pita bread pizzas to freeze

Oh I got my puter settings right too so i am doing my graphics again which is great...such a good creative outlet

Okies off i go to start my work day - enjoy all :)

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