Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Well wasnt gonna post today but wanted to check a couple of journals i read each day and one in particular inspired. Jaxx i find you so inspiring and the way you reset your goals...its amazing to think we were a similar weight and now look at where you are !

Anyway today was my day off...1 day off in i didnt do a lot. I havent had 2 days off together for several weeks and i really feel like i need a couple of days together off. I have monday and tuesday off...and cannot wait. I have had a good day food wise...very impressed since it was a day off and that tends to be my bad times....but i was spot on 27 points....and yesterday had 1;5 points left over so that is good. I had a home made baked potato for dinner and tuna bake for dinner...all yum yum. I am trying to avoid having just salad sandwiches every day for lunch....instead my plan is to eat foods i like but in a low fat way.

My DVDs arrived i now have lots of viewing...i got 3 series of L word, if these walls could talk 1 & 2 and season 1 of the ellen sitcom. So think my days off may involve some dvd watching along with house work LOL

Im still undecided about pink sofa...i prolly should just renew it for a year.

Okies its late time for some sleep...nite all

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Hippygal said...

Oh thanks have not been feeling really inspirational in the last few weeks :-)