Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Well I went back ! And really am glad ..it was all quite painless (apart from stepping on the scales) and its all been relatively easy just sliding back into it today. The first few days are normally hard for me but todays been quite a breeze to be honest. I have 1.5 points left over for the day and think I will save them. yay me =]

I did ramble on a lot yesterday didnt i? Once I get going I can type forever and a day. Thanks for your support as always nat - and jody thanks for your comments...theyre too damn nice tho !!! LOL...just kidding...and omg imagine if we lived near each how cool would that be? and yep we would definitely laugh the pounds off.

There is not a lot else to say...just glad i had a good day today...and looking forward to another good day tomorrow !

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Shrinking Tardie said...

Kazz - you just spelled out the secret to my 'success' - putting back to back 'good days' together consistently. One step in front of the other friend.

I'll always be around to support you if you need it/want it. Promise not to write really nice things like Jody though :-)