Thursday, June 26, 2008

Well another day ontrack. This morning i checked the scales and they were about 100 grams up but i got a sneaky suspicion its from the sodium in the weight watchers potato bakes...will have to check the ingredient list on them tonight. I am not eating them often...but its still good to know why the fluctuation (altho not obsessing lol)

Last night my suburb had a power outage...getting a bit over them to be honest...its the 5th one ive had since i moved into the premises in january major pain in the ass...specially when it happens at dinner time.

Im starting to seriously think about getting the ww kitchen scales...theyre expensive but thered be no cheating with my portions and would be a long term investment. Someone on the ww forum mentioned they had struggled then got them and realised how wrong their portion sizes were and since then have lost regularly.

My sister and the kids might be coming down to adelaide in september for the royal have put in for some leave then so fingers crossed i get that. i also have a week off next week. The maintenance guys are suppose to be coming to do some retiling and fix the toilet...but i still havent heard from either...if i dont hear anything by tomorrow afternoon ill have to call the land agent back again

Not a lot else going nite tonite...another 3 days and im on leave YaY...have a good day all


Jody said...

Well, well my dear, seems that you are back on track!! Glad to hear it. Keep up the good work!

Shrinking Tardie said...

Another great day - woohoo!!!!!

Keep stringing them together babe!


Anonymous said...

i think the ww scales would be a good investment ( or reward?)

you are going gr8 guns babe!