Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Well another good day so far...Yesterday I ended up with saving 3 points...which is pretty damn good since it was on my day off and i tend to pick on days off. Today I am going to try and eat spot on with my points...I dont really wanna save too many cos it doesnt really help the cause that much unless I am saving the points for a specific reason. I am definitely noticing the side effects from the diet coke can no longer be drank (thank gawd for pepsi). So far its only the diet coke that seems to be affecting me ... so that I can handle.

Everything else is going good...I feel pretty happy and relaxed about everything. Quite a relief with getting a loss yesterday and now its down to business for this week again...but i have no worries there.

Okies off to do some work =]

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Anonymous said...

well done on the loss babe - I am super impressed! And they say that 5 kilos is a dress size! So you are over half way to those shirts being too big!!! Noice!