Friday, June 27, 2008

Up at 6.15am this morning which is too bloody early in my opinion. Tomorrow Im not starting work till 9am so yep i get a bit of a sleep least till 7.30am. Was going to go grocery shopping last nite but my pay wasnt in my account before i left work to go hom...walked in the door and the money was in my account...but by that point i was in a warm house and didnt desire to go out again. So I finish work at 4pm today and will then head out and do some.

All else is going good...just desperate for a nice sleep in. After reading Airlies post I think i will set the ww scales as my reward for losing 5 kilos...they are $100 but i think theyd be worth spending the money on.

2 days after today till Im on leave WHOLE week off...and yesterday my friend laura messaged me so i am catching up with her and tracy on thursday for morning will monday, tuesday and wednesday i will have to save a couple of points each day so i can get a nice hot chocolate and some raisin toast.

Okies gotta get to do some actual work...have a good day all =]


Jody said...

Have a great vacation!! Hope you get your scales. :)

airlie said...

ooh! I feel like a celebrity getting mentioned in your post : )

Shrinking Tardie said...

Enjoy your break Kazz and I think the scales are a good reward!