Thursday, April 03, 2008

Well today is the first day I finally feel like I am improving. Was suppose to go out to dinner last night with tania and while i was sorry to miss catching up...i basically came home from work and went stright to bed and spent the evening watching tv in bed and watching a episode of L word with my heater on and keeping nice and warm and I do feel better today for it. I am still coughing a lot but it has improved a lil.

My jeans are feeling looser...I havent weighed myself but suspect I ahve dropped down a lil. I didnt really expect to be losing as I have simply been eating as I feel like it lately (and admittedly have missed numerous meals) and have been sucking on lots of soothers for the last week so my sugar levels are definitely up. I am hoping very soon I can get back to the gym...would be nice to get back next week but not sure if the cough would be gone by then or not (fingers crossed) i am really getting itchy to get back into everything ... getting sick like this again has convinced me more then ever even if i never lose another I need to stick to this healthy lifestyle for my actual health...cant handle another dose of this flu and am even considering getting a flu shot (and anyone who knows how i am about needles knows what a big deal that is LOL)

So second day back at work today and its soooooooooo nice being back...and getting that normality coming back into everything. Tonite I will grocery shop and get some lemonade,,,,i have been craving lemonade lately...luckily if its not cold it doesnt make me cough but pepsi and coke send me off into crazy fits of coughing.

Anyways thats about to do some more work :)

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