Thursday, March 27, 2008

I miss work....=[

yes I truly do...right at this moment. I have been sick with the flu since sunday night. And so been stuck at home with only the tv for company, and yanno works a pain in the ass at times but i work with mostly such a good mob of people and have some real good friends there...and so really have missed them this week. When I am sick more then ever is when i realise how isolating living alone can be. I am on the mend now a decent nights sleep last night and actually cooked dinner tonight and been doing stuff on the puter which is a good sign. So i obviously havent been to gym...but monday I am going back for a slimplicity session and tuesday a PT session but i will take it trainer rang today and so she knows ive had the flu.

This flu has been a huge reminder tho .... even if i never ever lose another kilo i need to stick at this healthy lifestyle for my health. I joined ww in 2006 cos i had bronchitis for 7 weeks....7 weeks of not working is a scary situation to find yourself in... and i realised if i didnt get my act together i would prolly end up on a disability pension or something ridiculous like that. And I dont wanna spend this winter battling no more more half heartedly doing this...110% committment.

Who watched biggest loser tonite with the past losers? Was so cool wasnt it? Specially that chat Adro had with cosi. BUT the BEST news is jillian is back in it from sunday night *swoon* gawd damn shes awesome ... and funny thing is....i had her book at work the other day....and one of the guys i sit next too saw it and said "oh shes hot eh?" lol my only response was NO CHIT lol

Off to meet a couple of my friends from school tomorrow for morning tea (im gonna be very good tho!) which will be great....they were really good friends and I am so happy to be rekindling their friendship.

Okies off to watch the end of law & order =]

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Tania said...

Oh Kazz, I hear you!!! I too have been sick this week with the bloody flu going around and it's driving me nuts ... lol ... Lachlan had it at the start of the week and i've caught it from him but being pregnant it's hit me really hard! Glad to see you're showing signs of getting better - hope you're able to go back to work soon.